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South Street Coffee in DeKalb, IL

We are an independent coffee roaster located in DeKalb, Illinois. We feature premium, freshly-roasted beans, and offer the DeKalb/Sycamore area a quality, local alternative to the coffee chains. Our beans are the freshest available because we roast them to order and then deliver them to you when their flavor is at its peak.

Why Buy Local?

People who take the good time and trouble to start a coffee roasting company care about the quality of the beans. We care about how they are roasted and care about the quality of the coffee that our customers are going to drink.

Besides the passion that goes into it, as a local roaster South Street Coffee also cares about the ethics behind the growing, harvesting, and production of coffee beans and coffee!

To learn more about our view on the ethics behind our industry—check out our about page.

Our goal is to give back to the local community! Instead of lining the pockets of some multinational company, which may (read, almost certainly) have questionable business practices, then you’re buying a product from a producer in your local community. This means the money you spend is also doing good for your neighborhood.