Personal Roasting

Do you want coffee from a particular country or region? South Street Coffee can do that for you!

Would you like something fancy like a Hawaiian, Kenyan or genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain? South Street Coffee can get those for you, too.

You can receive almost any freshly-roasted coffee you desire delivered right to your door.*

On your behalf, South Street Coffee will search out a small (usually 5 pound) bag of whatever coffee you desire. We will roast the coffee to your specification and deliver four approximately 17oz bags directly to you.†

You may be thinking: that's a lot of coffee at one time, isn't it?

Yes, it would be but you won't get it all at once. South Street Coffee will deliver each bag individually over a period of time that YOU specify. Take your time with the coffee or go through it in a week, SSC will have the next bag ready for you on time for YOUR schedule. In the mean-time, we will store your green beans for you much as a fine restaurant stores bottles of wine for its best customers.

Personal Roasting Service menus start at $50.00. Contact South Street Coffee here today to begin enjoying this exciting personalized service.

*Based on availability and excluding all coffees processed by animals.
†Coffee loses approximately 9-14% of its weight as it roasts.