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How to Beat The Heat With Cold-Brewed Coffee

Eugene Powers -

How To Beat The Heat With Cold-Brewed Coffee

If you can’t drink coffee in the Illinois summer heat but you still yearn for some, try cold-brewed coffee! It is very simple to make at home using things you probably have in your kitchen anyway. Plus, cold-brewed coffee makes a great base for any number of recipes that you can find online.

cold brew grounds


  1. Grind a quality dark-roast coffee coarsely: the coarsest setting on a Bunn grinder (or similar) at your local grocery store will do. If you'd rather grind it at home, try for coffee particles that are a bit larger than the grocery store coffee your boss probably buys for you (but doesn't taste nearly as good). You can use a ratio as small as 1/3 cup of ground coffee to 1½ cup of water or as large as 1 pound of coffee to 1 gallon of water.
  2. Put the coffee in a mason jar: a French press will also do the job well. If you are making a small enough amount, say enough concentrate for two cups, you could even use a very large mug.
  3. Cover the coffee in cold water. I like to wet the grounds first so that when the coffee "blooms," it doesn't overflow the container. It can create quite a mess and who needs that?
  4. Let the whole thing sit on your counter for about 12 hours. In two steps, filter the coffee through a sieve first, followed by a regular paper coffee filter. Your coffee will be very clean in the cup using this method. If a little grit in the cup fine by you, then the coffee can be filtered through a sieve lined with cheesecloth, which results in cup quality like a French press.
  5. Mix the cold-brew concentrate with water at a ratio of about 1:1, and you can store the cold-brewed coffee for up to two weeks in the fridge. However, I notice that after the first week, the flavor rapidly degrades.
cold brew coffee

Also, remember that you can try heating cold-brewed coffee up with a microwave or on the stove-top. While I've never done this method myself, some folks say you can even get hot coffee out of it by pouring hot water into the concentrate instead of the above methods. If you try it, let me know what you think!

Interested in trying a cold brew of your own? Our Tres Azores makes a delicious one! Try it and let us know what you think!

Thursday July 26th, 2018